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Simple domain service.Full stop.

Whether you want to hold onto a domain for future use or point it to your website or mail service with us (or anyone else). Domains are registered in your name so you have full control. We do not blink or charge you anything to transfer away and will happily park the domain for free until you are ready to use it - it doesn't cost us anything!

Parking, hosting and pointing...

If you want a domain pointed to another ISP's webspace or email service we can handle the domain registration and forwarding for you. We just need the IP address of where you want each record pointing (eg web or mail).

We charge just £10 per domain per year for this (plus VAT)

You can transfer the domain name from your existing ISP or register it with us.

The advantages of managing your domains with us is that we don't have any clauses or rules or hidden fees when it comes to managing your domain. You can also be sure your domain will always be working 100% of the time guaranteed - not something many ISP's can offer (if any?)

We operate our own multiple domain name servers for ultimate resilience in two datacentres throughout the UK. Primary DNS is in Kent London, and our second DNS is in Cornwall. This guarantees 100% uptime and availability to your domain and where it points to - something the smaller ISP's either don't do (because they use someone else's servers) or can't do. Even the largest ISP's don't often have as much name server resilience.

Doamin Registration


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