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managed Dedicated hosting

Powerful Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Every Packet3 server comes with cPanel/WHM, route-optimized bandwidth and is fully managed by Packet3.

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cPanel Bronze
£ 104 /mo
cPanel Silver
£ 134 /mo
cPanel Gold
£ 225 /mo
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fully managed server

All servers are fully managed by our in house experts, giving you more time to focus on your business.


All servers come pre-installed with Linux, cPanel and WHM. We also pre-configure the server for you.

full root access

Although we manage the server for you, you will still be given full root access for that peace of mind.

Software Options

Customise your server with a range of software addons including but not limited to: Softaculous, RVSkin, WHMCS, LiteSpeed Web Server and CloudLinux OS.


We manage your server, and provide a range of support services included with the price of your server: IPMI Server Health Monitoring, Proactive Security Updates, 24x7 Proactive Service Monitoring...

In Control

cPanel allows you to control every aspect of your server, from setting up new hosting accounts to creating new domains.

frequently asked

question & answers!

Compared to shared hosting (that is, a website located on a server shared between lots of other websites) the main advantage is that you get complete access to all of the resources of the hardware. No other website can cause your server to run slowly or run out of memory because you get exclusive access to the physical machine. You also avoid the common issue of relay blacklisting, where companies will block a particular IP address. As shared hosting sites will all run off the same IP, if one site gets blocked then so do all of the others. You also get complete control of all the software installed, including the Operating System. Dedicated servers are much more secure than shared hosting because there are no other customers on the same physical hardware.
We guarantee that all our standard server configurations will be set up within 1 business day. Factors contributing to longer setup times may include server add-ons, custom configurations, and payment approval time..
Every Packet3 Hosting Managed Dedicated Server now comes with a powerful control panel (Web Host Manager - WHM). It gives you complete control over creating and customizing your account(s) and allocating resources. On an individual account level, you will use WHM to manage e-mail, domains, and other aspects of your Web site(s).

RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a method for storing data on multiple hard disks, then linking the disks so that the operating system on your server views them as a single entity. At WestHost, we offer RAID for both SATA and SCSI hard drives in 3 different configurations with our Dedicated Servers:

RAID-0: This type of RAID uses a method of data storage known as striping. The technology divides the data into pieces, and places each piece on a different drive. For instance, data piece A may be stored on Drive 1, while data piece B goes to Drive 2, C is on Drive 3, and so on. Because the data is divided, RAID-0 offers the top level of performance for disk IO. It is usually used for multimedia applications such as video editing and for situations where data loss is not as much a concern as is speed.

RAID-0 does not actually provide redundancy and therefore all data is lost if one of the drives fails. We strongly recommend that daily backups are performed if you choose this RAID level.

RAID-1: This type of RAID uses a method of data storage known as mirroring. This refers to the fact that every piece of data is written to at least two disks. As a result, RAID-1 offers a high degree of data security, but has a slight performance decrease because it requires capturing all data on two disks.

RAID-5: This type of RAID is the most widely used because it offers a useful combination of protection and speed. It works by making enough of the data redundant so that even if a drive fails, it's still possible to recreate and retrieve the information. Offering the best performance with data protection, this solution is ideal for high performance databases and sites that require high disk throughput.

RAID-1 + Hot Spare: This type of RAID is useful in the event that one of your drives fail. RAID-1 + Hot Spare allows the drive to be replaced or rebuilt without powering down the system. The Hot Spare offers additional redundancy by ensuring that you have two good drives at all times.